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General data
RoleCharacter preset
  • FIN +1
  • INT +1
  • CON +1
  • Scoundrel +1
  • Necromancer +1
  • Persuasion +1
  • Talents
  • Leech
  • Witch is a preset in Divinity: Original Sin 2. A Witch An intimidating presence whose bone-chilling powers terrify friend and foe alike.


    The Witch grinned over the great cauldron. Golden vapours twined upward in intricate patterns, and a fragrance of sweet jasmine filled the dark cellar. The perfect poison, the Witch thought. Beautiful and deadly. Suddenly, BANG; the cellar door flew open and a troop of ten Source Hunters burst in. The witch smiled and, with a single nod, a small army of oozing undead filled the space before the cauldron. "This time, we are not here to fight," the leader of the Source Hunters called. "We need you." She paused. "...and you need us."


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