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Transport - one of the naval units in Divinity: Dragon Commander. It is produced at the Shipyard.

To move units into a Transport, you first have to make sure the Transport is in the same country as the units you want to move. Left-click and drag your units onto the Transport. Once you release the mouse button, the units will be placed inside the Transport. The Transport can then be moved separately to its designated position. (Take into account that a transport has limited space and can only carry a certain number of units. Heavy units will also take up more space than light units.)

Once you have moved a Transport, you can choose whether or not your units should disembark. To deploy units that are inside a Transport, right-click on the Transport and the units will be fielded on the country in which your transport is located.

Available updates

  • Cloak - activates the Transport's cloaking device, enabling it to hide from the enemy for a limited amount of time.
  • Minesweeper - enables Transports to sweep mines from the water, rendering them useless.
  • For the Empire - Transport - causes Transports to activate their self-destruct mechanism, disabling their primary attack and allowing them to explode contact with enemy units, but destroying them in the process.

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