The Talking Statues

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Begin this sidequest by examining a corpse just North of where you start the game. Search the corpse for a note and read it to start a dialogue:

  • Decide he is an idiot for jumping to get +1 Pragmatic Trait
  • Claim what he did was not crazy to get +1 Romantic Trait

The next part of this sidequest can be found in Cyseal. Talk to the Beggar just East of Esmerelda's Shop and ask for his story. A dialogue will spawn:

  • Think what the beggar did was absurd to get +1 Materialistic Trait
  • Claim what the beggar did made sense to get +1 Spiritualistic Trait

The next part of this sidequest takes place in the Northern tip of the map. Find the four elemental statues and use a matching attack on each one (ex. use Flare on the Fire Statue). A Level 6 Demon will spawn after you attack each statue. Once all four are defeated, head into the cave and talk with Bellegar to finish the quest.