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Shaman - one of the basic units in Divinity: Dragon Commander.

Available updates

  • Cripple - Shamans can paralyse targets and all enemy units in a 100 meter radius around them for 3 seconds. Cooldown: 23 seconds.
  • Immunity - Shamans can shield friendly units for 29 seconds. During this time any incoming damage is reduced by 50% and negative status effects (such as fear or sabotage) are nullified. Cooldown: 21 seconds.
  • Charm - Shamans can convert enemy units so that they temprorarily fight on your side. After 33 seconds, they become enemies once more. Cooldown: 50 seconds.



  • "Doctor's in the house."
  • "Field duty, eh?"
  • "No flying doctors jokes, okay?"
  • "There's no 'I' in team. There is a 'me' in there somewhere, though..."


  • "What's the medical emergency?"
  • "Never trust doctors - or patients."
  • "Hmm. Where's thirteen?"
  • "Everybody lies, even dying people."


  • "Yeah, yeah."
  • Alright, alright."
  • "I'm going."
  • "Don't be pushy!"
  • "Sure, there's an interesting case.


  • "Okay, who took an arrow to the knee?"
  • "You think it's easy, piecing soldiers back together?"
  • "No time for tests, treatment's quicker!"
  • "Nothing a good glass of brandy won't fix..."
  • "This is going to hurt like hell. But that is good!"

Under Attack

  • "Get them off me, now!"
  • "We're in a world of hurt here!"


  • The quote referencing "an arrow to the knee" is a reference to a meme that spawned from the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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