Revenge of the Source Hunter

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There are multiple ways to start this quest, but all of them require you to have Madora in your party.

   Important: Make sure to have the Forgiving Trait, and to teach Madora to be tolerant during your conversations throughout the game or you will not get the achievement.

You can start the quest in any one of the following ways:

   Enter Luculla Forest

   Go to Luculla Prison and talk to a prisoner named Eastern Stranger,

   Speak to the Slave you save from some Orcs in Luculla Forest,

   OR speak to Mikas in the Luculla Mines


   + 13600 XP (If you fight him)


   Find Norok

   Talk to him while having Madora in your party

   Fight Norok

   (Optional) Spare Norok


   Nork can be found on the top floor of the Orcish Tavern in Dark Forest. You need to have Madora in your party and then talk to him to engage the quest. Generally this conversation will automatically lead you into a fight.

   However if you taught Madora to be tolerant and have the Forgiving trait(both main characters), then there is a chance for you to get an option to forgive Norok. There are also many opportunities to gain the trait by returning to the End of Times after using/spending a blood stone and by talking to Scarlett/Roderick after Zixzax's dialogue.

   Talk points for Madora, you must contradict her:

  • Tell her off for being mean about the Imp at The End of Time
  • Take her to the quest in Cyseal with the man and his charmed orc, let them stay together
  • Take her to the Mines in Luculla Forest and meet MIkas with her
  • Take her to Hiberheim and save the Rock Elemental trapped in a crystal and forgive him
  • Talk to the slave the two orcs are holding just near the Goblin Village waypoint in Luculla Forest
  • Talk to the humans in Hunter's Edge and tell her to put her personal vendetta aside

       This is list still incomplete, please add more if you know them.

       NOTE: IF you forgive Norok, and then kill him afterwards, Madora will be mad and leave your party forever.