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Hunter - one of the basic units in Divinity: Dragon Commander. It is produced at the War Factory.

Available upgrades

  • Revelation - Hunter - enables Hunters to detect cloaked units in an area around them; passive ability.
  • Teleportation - hunters are able to teleport to a distant friendly unit, enabling for fast travel across the map.
  • A Bird in the Hand - equips Hunters with rockets, enabling them to effectively fire at air units.



  • "Sound the trumpets, Hunter's here!"
  • "Hunter's off the leash!"


  • "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!"
  • "Go on, give me a target."
  • "You found me, did you?"
  • "You set the trap, I'll make the kill."
  • "Ssh! You're blowing my cover!"


  • "On their trail!"
  • "They won't even see me coming."
  • "Picking up their scent."
  • Without a trace!"
  • "Like the wind!"


  • "I hunt for your glory!"
  • "They'll be trophies on your wall!"
  • "Once more unto the breach!"
  • "If it bleeds, we can kill it!"

Under Attack

  • "I'm the one being hunted here!"
  • "Get us out of here, commander!"
  • "No! It's a trap!"

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