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Elemental skills regroup 4 skill set : Pyrokinetic, Hydrosophist, Aerotheurge and Geomancer.

Elemental Skills are based on Intelligence.


Pyrokinetic skills focus on Fire spells

Pyrokinetic Lv
DOS Skill Fire BoostPerception.png Burn My Eyes 7
DOS Skill Fire Flare.png Burning Blaze 9
DOS Skill Fire BurningTouch.png Burning Touch 2
DOS Skill Fire ExplodeSelf.png Explode 12
DOS Skill Fire Shield.png Fire Resistance Shield 10
DOS Skill Fire Fly.png Firefly 4
DOS Skill Fire FlareStart.png Flare 2
DOS Skill Fire Immolate.png Immolation 13
DOS Skill Fire ImmuneToFreezing.png Immune to Freezing 2
DOS Skill Fire InfectiousFlame.png Infectious Flame 16
DOS Skill Fire CreateLava.png Lava Core 14
DOS Skill Fire MeteorStrike.png Meteor Shower 19
DOS Skill Fire PurifyingFire.png Purifying Fire 11
DOS unknown.png Self Immolation 8
DOS Skill Fire FireBall.png Small Fireball 5
DOS Skill Fire Smokescreen.png Smokescreen 9
DOS Skill Fire SummonFireElemental.png Summon Fire Elemental 6
DOS Skill Fire Haste.png Wildfire 3


Hydrosophist Skills focus on Water spells and Healing

Hydrosophist Lv
DOS Skill Water ImmuneToBurning.png Immune to Burning 12
DOS Skill Water CleansingWater.png Cleansing Water 11
DOS Skill Water FreezingTouch.png Freezing Touch 7
DOS Skill Water HailStorm.png Hail Attack 19
DOS Skill Water IceShardStart.png Ice Shard 4
DOS Skill Water IceWall.png Ice Wall 10
DOS Skill Water MassDisease.png Mass Disease 13
DOS Skill Water Regenerate Minor.png Minor Heal 2
DOS Skill Water IceShard Piercing.png Piercing Ice Shard 9
DOS Skill Water Rain.png Rain 3
DOS Skill Water Regenerate.png Restoration 14
DOS Skill Water Slow.png Slow Current 2
DOS Skill Water Regenerate.png Strong Regenerate 9
DOS Skill Water SummonIceElemental.png Summon Ice Elemental 8
DOS unknown.png Water Of Life 2
DOS Skill Water Shield.png Water Resistance Shield 6
DOS Skill Water WinterBreath.png Winterblast 14


Aerotheurge Skills focus on Lightning spells

Aerotheurge Lv
DOS Skill Air Shield.png Air Resistance Shield 11
DOS Skill Air ChillyWind.png Bitter Cold 2
DOS Skill Air BlitzBolt.png Blitz Bolt 3
DOS Skill Air ChainLightning.png Chain Lightning 18
DOS Skill Air Farseer.png Farseer 4
DOS Skill Air Teleportation FeatherDrop.png Feather Drop 10
DOS Skill Air InstantPressure.png Headvice 2
DOS Skill Air InvisibleSelf.png Invisibility 8
DOS Skill Air InvisibleTarget.png Make Invisible 16
DOS Skill Air RemovePetrified.png Remove Petrification 13
DOS Skill Air ShockingTouch.png Shocking Touch 6
DOS Skill Air Storm.png Storm 19
DOS Skill Air SummonAirElemental.png Summon Air Elemental 14
DOS Skill Air Teleportation.png Teleportation 2
DOS Skill Air Tornado.png Tornado 12


Geomancer Skills focus on Earth and Poison spells

Geomancer Lv
DOS Skill Earth OozeSpray.png Acid Breath 12
DOS Skill Earth BlessTarget.png Bless 4
DOS Skill Earth BlessedEarth.png Blessed Earth 13
DOS Skill Earth BoulderDash.png Boulder Bash 6
DOS Skill Earth DeadlySpores.png Deadly Spores 11
DOS Skill Earth Shield.png Earth Resistance Shield 7
DOS Skill Earth Earthquake.png Earthquake 19
DOS Skill Earth Fortify.png Fortify 3
DOS Skill Earth PoisonArrow.png Magical Poison Arrow 9
DOS Skill Earth PoisonDart.png Magical Poison Dart 2
DOS Skill Earth OilSurface.png Midnight Oil 2
DOS Skill Earth NaturesCurse.png Nature's Curse 14
DOS Skill Earth ImmuneToPoisoned.png Immune to Poisoning 5
DOS Skill Earth SummonSwarm.png Summon Bloodswarm 13
DOS Skill Earth SummonEarthElemental.png Summon Earth Elemental 16
DOS unknown.png Summon Spider 2
DOS Skill Earth SummonWolf.png Summon Wolf 10