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Traits track the personality of a character and can give statistical bonuses. They are arranged in opposing pairs. Depending on the character's choices in a conversation, they may gain a point in a trait or its opposite. If one trait in a pair has more points than the other, the character gains a bonus depending on the trait.


Left bonus Left Right Right bonus
+1 Willpower Independent Obedient +1 Willpower when an ally with Leadership is in sight (+2 Willpower if ally has Leadership 5 or higher)
+3% Critical Chance Compassionate Heartless +20% chance to hit when backstabbing
+2 Reputation Altruistic Egotistical +1 Bartering
+1 Leadership Righteous Renegade +1 Pickpocketing
Immune to Charmed Blunt Considerate +1 Charisma
+1 Initiative Bold Cautious +1 Sneaking
+1 Crafting Pragmatic Romantic +1 Lucky Charm
Immune to Cursed Forgiving Vindictive +20% chance to hit on attacks of opportunity
Immune to Fear Spiritual Materialistic +1 Loremaster