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A newly created character starts with 2 Talents. An additional Talent may be selected at level 3 and every 4 levels thereafter.


Talent Effect Requirements
All Skilled Up Gives you 2 extra Ability Points to spend. Level 3
Anaconda Increases your damage by crushing weapons by 10%. Single-Handed 1
Arrow Recovery Gives you a 20% chance to recover a special arrow after shooting it.
Back-Stabber Allows a character to backstab with daggers and knives. Scoundrel 1
Bigger and Better Gives you 1 extra Attribute Point to spend. Level 5
Bully Gives you 50% extra damage againt opponents that are slowed, crippled or knocked down.
Comeback Kid When an opponent lands the blow that should kill you, Comback Kid will leave you with 1 health as long as you had more than 1 left. Willpower 5
Courageous Grants you immunity to fear but you can no longer flee from combat. Incompatible with Escape Talent
Demon A character with Demon has a chance to burn an opponent who strikes with a melee weapon but takes a 25% penalty to Water Resistance. Pyrotechnic 5
Elemental Affinity Lowers the Action Point cost of spells by 1 when standing in a surface of the same element.
Elemental Ranger Arrows may inflict bonus elemental damage depending on the surface on which your target is standing. Expert Marksman 5
Escapist Allows you to flee combat even when enemies are right next to you. Incompatible with Courageous
Far Out Man Increases the range of spells and scrolls by 2m.
Five-Star Diner Doubles the effects of food.
Glass Cannon Doubles your recovery AP but your total vitality is decreased by 50% (including the bonus from Lone Wolf). Level 5
Guerilla Doubles your attack damage while sneaking. Sneaking 1
Headstrong Gives you a 20% bonus against being Frozen, Stunned, Petrified and Knocked Down. Scoundrel 5
Ice King A character with Ice King has a chance to chill an opponent who strikes with a melee weapon but takes a 25% penalty to Fire Resistance. Hydrosophist 5
Know-it-All Decreases everyone's attitude towards you by 20 but gives you 1 extra point in Intelligence.
Leech Heals you when standing in blood.
Light Stepper Gives you a +2 Perception bonus for detecting traps and secrets.
Lightning Rod Makes you immune to Stun. Aerothurge 5
Lone Wolf A character with Lone Wolf can no longer have a companion but recieves a 80% bonus to base vitality, 2 bonus to Recovery and maximum Action Points and an extra ability point on level up.
Morning Person When resurrected, you revive to full health. Body Building 1
My Precious Every time you hit or get hit, your gear has a 50% chance of not losing durability.
Opportunist Gives you the ability to perform attacks of opportunity. Man-at-arms 1
Packmule Increases the amount of weight you can carry. (+100 weight capacity)
Pet Pal Enables you to talk to animals.
Picture of Health Gives you 5% × Man-at-arms extra Vitality. Man-at-arms 2
Politician Gives you 2 bonus points in Charisma but you lose a point in Intelligence.
Quickdraw Reduces 1 AP from the cost of using ranged weapons. Expert Marksman 5
Scientist Gives you a bonus point in Blacksmithing and in Crafting.
Sidestep Gives you 10% extra chance to evade hits. Expert Marksman 2
Sidewinder Removes your defence penalty when flanked. Man-at-arms 5
Speedcreeper A character with Speedcreeper moves at normal speed while sneaking. Sneaking 1
Stand Your Ground A character with Stand Your Ground cannot be knocked down. Body Building 5
Stench Decreases everyone's attitude towards you by 25 but melee opponents will find you less attractive in combat.
Swift Footed Gives you a 20% movment bonus. Scoundrel 2
Thick Skin Gives you 5 extra base armour + Man-at-arms × 2. Man-at-arms 1
Voluble Mage Gives you immunity to Muted. Willpower 5
Walk it Off Reduces all status durations by 1 turn. This also affects positive statuses.
Weather the Storm Gives you a 5% × Man-at-arms extra Magic Resistance. Man-at-arms 5
Weatherproof Makes you immune to environmental effects. Geomancer 5
What a Rush Increases your recovery and maximum Action Points by 2 when your health is below 30%.
Zombie Lets you heal from poison but causes damage from regular healing.