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Action Points (AP) are the primary resource of Divinity: Original Sin's tactical turn-based combat system.

AP is generated every turn for each character in combat, and is consumed by moving, attacking, and activating abilities.

Character Sheet

Action Points for a Player Character (PC) are broken into 3 separate statistics:

  • Maximum AP, affected by Constitution (CON), 1x
  • Starting AP, affected by Perception (PRC) and Speed (SPD), 0.5x each
  • AP/turn (shown on the character sheet as "Action Points"), affected by SPD, 0.5x

AP Formulas

  • Maximum AP: 7 + CON
  • Starting AP: 2 + (PRC / 2) + (SPD / 2)
  • AP/turn: 4 + SPD_BONUS, where SPD_BONUS is (SPD - 1) / 2, rounded down

Effect of Haste

Aside from a +4 movement bonus, Haste adds +4 Maximum AP, +4 Starting AP, and +3 AP/turn.

Effect of Glass Cannon

The Glass Cannon talent doubles AP/turn.

Class Considerations:

  • Glass Cannon is not recommended for melee PCs that are expected to take damage, due to the penalty to vitality (VIT).
  • Glass Cannon is extremely effective for PCs with high Sneaking ability, since they can avoid damage by stealthing at the end of turn.
  • Mages may be limited by their spell cooldowns more so than AP. Glass Cannon works better for a mage with many abilities to spend the extra AP on, as opposed to a specialist.

Glass Cannon synergises well with Haste. The bonus +3 AP/turn is included before the 2x multiplier, resulting in a total +6 bonus AP/turn from Haste.

Maximizing AP/turn

Without Glass Cannon:

  • Pumping SPD is the singular best way to increase AP/turn (reaching the Maximum AP cap set by CON is difficult).
  • Example: With CON 5 (12 Maximum AP unhasted, 16 Maximum AP hasted), it will take an unhasted PC SPD 17 to cap (SPD 19 if hasted).

With Glass Cannon:

  • To max AP/turn without haste, follow the rule of CON = SPD
  • To max AP/turn with haste, follow the rule of CON = SPD + 2