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Divinity: Dragon Commander is real-time strategy game from Larian Studios set in the same world as Divinity: Original Sin and the rest of the Divinity series.


Rivellon is suffering.

Its inhabitants — humans, lizards, elves, imps, undead, and wizards alike—have endured in bloodshed and brutality for as long as the ancient races can recall. Violence swells like plagued boils on the landscape as rivals wage ceaseless war against one another, sowing discord and reaping death.

This is the world the Architect — and if he was ever called by another name, none knew it—beheld: a world contemptuous of diplomacy and numb to crisis. Swayed by no lesser force than military might, its rulers could never be danced, only dragged, toward peace.

It is uncertain whether the Architect approached the demon or if the demon sought the credulous mortal itself. Perhaps the human craved the solution to war so ardently that he summoned the dream-walker himself.Perhaps the bloodthirsty creature saw in the Architect a welcoming host and came to him in a dream, offering tantalising promises of peace and power. However it happened,the demon revealed war machines of unmatched strength and ingenuity to the hapless mortal, who became the human master of peerless military might. In exchange, the Architect paid an untold price, perhaps a sum wrought from his very soul.

The Architect’s intentions seemed pure, and perhaps they truly were. He came to the warlord Sigurd and offered the elusive end to Rivellon’s ancient strife. The strange machines in glittering bronze and blazing fire were more than technological curios—they held within them the promise of empire. Empire! Yes, a united realm, in which all races would live together as allies instead of foes. Sigurd was not so foolish to decline and risk letting these indefatigable machines fall into the hands of one who might use them to subjugate rather than to unite.He could not have known that he marveled before the tools of a terrible and ravenous demon. Alongside his trusted ally, the great wizard Maxos, Sigurd welcomed the Architect into his camp and together, the three began preparations for total war. None questioned the source of the strange machines, and theArchitect offered no explanation.

Steered by the wise counsel of Maxos, Sigurd steered led with a warlord’s prowess the most feared of the oft-embattled factions of Rivellon. But now, led by the Architect’s great machines, they were unstoppable. In a few short years, the three had subdued every warring region within the realm and united them under a single banner.

For three decades, Rivellon enjoyed an unprecedented peace. The chastened races prospered in their unity, and Sigurd was a trusted king. For three decades, fields untrampled by the boots of warriors yielded harvest. For three decades, lizards and elves, imps and undead,humans and wizards linked their fates toward mutual prosperity. But the prosperity was too rare, too enchanting in its beauty and strangeness, to be left well enough alone.

The dragon Aurora, peering upon mortal affairs from the realm of the ancients, grew fascinated by the stillness of the once war-torn realm. Intrigued by the mighty yet humble Sigurd and his panoply of strange machines, the great dragon hemmed herself in the form of a woman and paid a visit to court.

This innocent act would spell the empire’s ruin. Both Sigurd and the Architect were instantly spellbound by the stranger’s unparalleled loveliness; both swore to win her hand, though Sigurd was already a husband of many years; both swore, and yet it was the king who won her affections. When the Architect realised his defeat as a suitor,something within him tore. His long standing affection for Sigurd became engulfed in a blaze of hateful envy and wounded pride. As Aurora and Sigurd nestled into their fledgling romance, the Architect fled the court.

For twelve months,the Architect showed neither his face nor the tiniest mote of the corruption he brewed. Aurora and Sigurd were bound together in bliss and passionate love, if not by marriage; Aurora never revealed her true nature, and Sigurd never suspected that his companion were anything bu tthe enchanting woman he had met at court. Eventually, their union bore an adored child. Spared an untimely end at the hands of Sigurd’ss purned queen, the child was entrusted to the wizard Maxos, who placed him in the care of a loving family. There, he would grow up unknown to any enemies and unaware of the tragedies that followed soon after his birth.

With Sigurd and Aurora enthralled with one another, the Architect plotted violent revenge against his former friend. Consumed by spite, he sold his being entire to the same demon that had granted him knowledge of the great machines so instrumental to peace in Rivellon. The demon revealed the formula for a powerful poison that could bring low even a mighty and ancient dragon like Aurora; in return,theArchitect gave up his very body and soul.

Stealing into Aurora’s bedchamber on a winter’s night, the Architect dispatched the poison. He watched as his one-time beloved withered and perished before the rising of the sun. The grotesque spectacle of her rapid decay, and the knowledge of the anguish the king would now suffer, delighted his vengeful heart.

Sigurd was inconsolable. Bereft of his life’s greatest joy,the great king fell into despondence.With the great conqueror asleep at the helm of the empire,the once war-like races of Rivellon found the thread that once bound them swiftly unraveling.

Meantime, the demon was busy. He slithered from dream to dream among Sigurd’s sleeping children, now grown and powerful rulers within the empire, parading visions of the same military machines used by Sigurd to subdue Rivellon. Lulled in impressionable sleep, each heard and heeded the demon’s message, believing themselves to be the lone disciple chosen to seize the empire. Thus, unknown to each other,the sons and daughters of Sigurd prepared for war on the capital.

Finally,the dream-walker gave his command: Each nation attacked the capital in a great, infernal strike. The city’s walls were quickly reduced to ash; Sigurd, now a useless old man undone by grief, perished in the assault.

The demon, manifested from his own otherworldly hellscape, grins like a wolf over a carcass.His vision of a land torn asunder by chaos and death will soon be realised. The seeds of discord and violence he has long sown have now begun to sprout. Rivellon,so recently blessed with peace, rots like a corpse and the fiend,the demon Corvus, speeds its decay.

There remains a sole defence against the bloodthirsty and heart-poisoned commanders of the war machines that will soon destroy all of Rivellon. TheDragon Knight,the product of King Sigurd’s union with the great Aurora, has remained hidden away and uncorrupted by the demon’s machinations. Only he, half-dragon, can wield magic ancient and powerful enough to combat the scheming villain.

But the Dragon Knight does not lead the great war alone. At his side,the wizard Maxos offers counsel and guidance. When a thousand mechanical wonders unleashed hell on the capital, Maxos knew the embittered Architect must have been involved and traced him to his ship, the Raven. Surprising the loathsome visage of his one-time friend, the Architect, now infected entirely by the demon, Maxos weaved an ancient spell that bound the fiend to the ship itself, confining him in body if not in spirit. It is this ship that the son ofAurora and Sigurd navigates on his quest to restore order to Rivellon. It is on this ship that the Dragon Knight will wage war not only against the corrupted armies of the empire,but against the soul of chaos itself.


Spectacular real-time strategy gameplay

Engage in massive, full 3D RTS battles across vast landscapes. The enemy is everywhere: he roams the lands, scours the seas and infests the skies, but you have at your disposal units that can take on any threat. Build factories, gather resources, construct armies and reap victory.

Become the dragon

As if legions of diverse war machines weren't enough to turn the tide, you have the ability to turn into a dragon at any time to support your troops in combat. Blast through the air empowered by your trusty jetpack and have at the enemy. Breathe fire to destroy; cast fog to confuse; charm to subvert. These and many other skills are at your disposal.

Research new technologies and magic

You may come from humble beginnings, but as new territories are conquered and tribute flows in, your economy booms and you can invest in new technological and magical upgrades

Plan your conquest

Move your armies across the turn-based world map and decide how to improve the lands under your rule. Will you concentrate on gold revenue, for instance, or the increase of military output? Weigh one benefit against the other and keep the long term in mind

Play your cards right

Story decisions earn you cards that when played wisely can influence politics, strengthen your military, bolster your economy and weaken your opponents. Sometimes the winner is simply the one with the ace up his sleeve!

Single-player, multiplayer and co-op modes

Play the story-driven single player campaign, test your mettle against other Dragon Knights, online or local via LAN. Start your own custom multiplayer campaign with or against a friend. Or duke it out on a skirmish map.

In a single player campaign, you must strengthen your position as a commander by ruling over the races both through political savvy and by conquering lands with military strength.

You will have to tend to the personal wants and needs of the Generals and Politicians aboard your ship, as well as strengthen the bond between yourself and the racial factions in Rivellon by marrying one of their esteemed princesses.

By making choices aboard the Raven, you will unlock cards, change the way the different races feel about you, and decide how the story unfolds.

This means that you will feel the consequences of your choices aboard the Raven on the Strategy Map both in combat and in research. By interacting with the court, you also start changing their lives and the way they act and think about you.

Aside from all the chitchat in your headquarters, there is also a war to be fought for Rivellon.

This war is fought on a world map that gives an overview of the lands (and races) of Rivellon. This world map is played turn by turn, and makes up the turn-based part of the strategic campaign.

Once conflict arises on the world map, you may choose to go into RTS combat or auto-resolve the conflict.

The art of politics

You are the emperor, but no decision you make will simultaneously please the councillors of dwarves, elves, lizards, imps and undead. Carefully balance their will and wishes, so you can collect the benefits of their support, or hazard their ire and lose the boons their faction might have given you.

Love and marriage

Many princesses will bid for your hand, but when you have made the decision whom to marry, that is only the beginning. Each princess has her own background and personal struggle. It will be up to you to guide her to the best of your abilities, keeping in mind the often conflicting sensitivities of your councillors.[1]

Gameplay information


Q: When is it out and will it have an EU physical release?
A: We’re pretty committed to releasing this in May or June, but we still have a lot of work. If nothing unforeseen happens, we should manage to stick to these dates.

Q: Is there any possibility you can release a game guide containing all the bits and bolts behind it?
A: We didn’t plan on this, but up to now there’s always been heroes in our community who dedicated a significant amount of time on making these guides. In all cases, these guides are better than what we’d have come up with.

Q: Can we be a female dragon commander in the campaign?
A: No - sadly not. Dragon Commander tells the story of the son of a dragon knight, and catering for all the different permutations that would occur as a result of having different possible genders didn’t match our budget.

Q: With sea and land battles now confirmed, will there be a supply chain requirement or will they be deployed like the air units (Battle cards) or are they map dependant?
A: In the campaign map, you can buy and move around fleets and armies. These appear in combat mode. If you want to build extra units in combat mode, you need to capture areas on which you can build things like barracks or factories. Cards can give you extra units to start battle with.

Q: Is there going to be another dragon as a potential mate for our commander? She could offer a secondary Hero or something.
A: No - we did toy around with that idea but we had to draw the line somewhere.

Q:Is it possible to visit the lands that your Ambassadors come from (in first person not from the view of your ship)? For example, could you go into the Dwarven capital city with that particular Ambassador as a tour or personal mission?
A:No - but mixing grand strategy with grand RPG is something we’d very much like to do one day.

Q: Is there dragon customization?
A: There are Different dragons to choose from - further customization is one of those things that’s on the want to have but not confirmed because we need to figure out how much time we’ll need for other stuff list.

Q: Why is it that in the divinity universe, over time they LOST tech? I mean, in dragon commander they have damn space ships, but in DKS set later on in time, they only have zeppelins?
A: Cataclysm - that’s how we fix all our anachronisms. Seriously, we actually struggled with this for quite some time but ended up with something I think that works. I’ll keep the surprise for when we release the visuals that go with this.

Q: Will there be bases in the land or the air or both?
A: Land and sea. We remove the air ones, but who knows, they might come back.

Q: Are dirty tactics allowed in game?
A: The game is made for it!

Q: What is the level of tactical sophistication within the battles - ie, Are the units balanced preventing the emergence of a 'Super unit' that is just plain better, or is it who has more gold, credits, larians, currency wins?
A: There are always multiple counter strategies and while you might manage to create a super unit at some point that decimates the enemy in battle, odds are that by the next battle your enemy will have formulated an answer. How that works exactly will show off in future videos.

Q: Does the enemy have access to the same 'bonuses' you have?
A: Yes - because of the strategic campaign being an important part of gameplay, the units you start out with are symmetrical. However, the research choices you make rapidly cause differentiation in terms of abilities available to the units. Again, we’ll soon come up with videos showing how that works.

Q: How does the rock/paper/scissors format work with the ground and water units, when water can hit land, air, and water, air can hit, air, land, and water, but land is restricted to only being able to attack air and other land units?
A: If you have only land units, and the other guy has air and sea, you probably have a problem. Unless your dragon happens to pack the right skills…

Q: Will there be a mac version of the game available? or is it Windows only?
A: We’re planning on a mac version, but it’s possible that the PC version comes first.

Q: How well will dragon commander fit in Divinity universe and its timeline?
A: It’s long in the past, at the time Maxos was roaming around Rivellon.

Q: Is Kirill Pokrovsky composing the music for Dragon Commander?
A: Yes, Kirill is making the music and plenty of it.

Q: How much time has the development team spent on creating Dragon Commander?
A: For over two years.

Q: How many languages will Dragon Commander support?
A: English, French, German, Polish, Russian are confirmed for the moment – other languages may be added.[2]

System Requirements

Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2,4 GHz or equivalent
RAM: 2 Gb (XP), 3 Gb (Vista, 7)
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT (512 RAM) or equivalent
Sound: DirectX 9,0c compatible
Hard drive: 15 Gb
Network: 256 kbps or faster broadband connection

Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7
CPU: Intel i5 2400 (3,1 GHz-3,4 GHz) or equivalent
RAM: 4 Gb
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 TI (1 Gb RAM) or equivalent
Sound: DirectX 9,0c compatible
Hard drive: 30 Gb
Network: 256 kbps or faster broadband connection