A Shell on the Beach

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A Shell on the Beach is probably one of the first side quests you will encounter in the game. It starts on Cyseal beach when you talk to a giant shell named "Ishmashell".

It wants to return to the sea and asks player to help him. At this point you can throw him into the water for a reward chest and +1 to Altruistic trait (increases reputation and allows better relations with NPC's).

Alternatively you take him with you to sell to a merchant later, or even cook him. Doing so will give you +1 to Egotistical trait (increases bartering skill and allows better prices with NPC's).

Regardless of your decision the quest will end you will receive some experience.



  • Name Ismashell is a play on words combining Ishmael - name of the main character from an epic Moby-Dick by Henry Melville with a "shell".
  • Even though Ishmashell is an animal you do not need a Pet Pal talent to talk to him.